Student Impact

The Horizons experience prepares students for what’s next.

A group of students wearing graduation caps and gownsStudents’ reading and math skills improve significantly, and they return to school in the fall excited to learn. They graduate from high school and go on to college or other post-secondary training. Horizons students develop life skills like commitment, persistence, and the desire to contribute to their community. With the tools to navigate their world, Horizons students embrace a more expansive view of what’s possible, and find a path of success.

Across the Horizons Network:

  • Students achieve an average 6-12 week improvement in reading and math over each six-week summer session
  • 97% of Horizons high school students graduate from high school
  • 100% of Horizons students learn to swim
  • Our deep commitment to improving the life of all Horizons students helps them engage with their schools, teachers, and classmates throughout the regular school year
  • Horizons programs become anchors in the community